Next-generation batteries

Modern electronic technologies are developing at an impressive pace, shaping today’s societies by making our world more connected, safer and cleaner. For instance, technologies such as electromobility, medical implants and robotics. However, reaching the full potential of such technologies heavily relies on the device that is powering these – the battery. Innovations in high-performance energy storage devices is somehow limited since the introduction of lithium batteries in the early 90’s. This is mainly because of the trade-offs that have to be made between battery performance, safety, sustainability and cost. 

CEF is working on further exploiting the features of next-generation batteries beyond lithium-ion. We aim to deliver novel battery materials and designs with properties meeting the latest application requirements in terms of performance, safety and sustainability. This will be performed by developing new fabrication recipes and procedures and through extensive material and device level characterization that will also aid in deciphering the underlying operating mechanisms.