Flexible and organic electronics

The quest for low-cost, lightweight, conformable and smart electronic devices has driven innovations in organic and hybrid semiconductors that can be printed at low temperatures on flexible substrates.

Dr Dimitra Georgiadou leads the Flexible and Organic Electronics Theme. In CEF Dimitra performs interdisciplinary research merging nanofabrication with material engineering and device physics aiming to develop the next generation of multi-functional Nanoelectronics that find application in AI hardware, wireless communications and the Internet of Everything.

Dr Dimitra Georgiadou’s expertise lies in applying solution-processed materials and novel nanopatterning techniques, compatible with flexible substrates, to the fabrication of nanoscale photodetectors, molecular nanojunctions, optoelectronic memories, organic light-emitting devices and radiofrequency (RF) rectifiers.

If you want to get involved in the Flexible and Organic Electronics Theme, have a look at our PhD opportunities for embarking on a PhD in Photodetectors for Neuromorphic and Smart Imaging Applications or a PhD in Flexible Nanoscale Optoelectronic Devices that are currently available.