Inflammatory markers consist a pivotal tool in clinical practice since they allow detection of acute inflammation that might be an indicator of specific diseases, or to enable signalizing the response of a patient to a specific medical treatment. However, the detection of an inflammation is still performed only in vitro, while the overall testing procedure requires a long waiting time for the clinical results that can be crucial for instance in a case of serious injuries in a contaminated environment or after a rejection of an organ transplant. Moreover, the status quo of the clinical practice does not take into consideration the aspect of continuous monitoring of the inflammatory markers. 

Our research interests include the development of disposable, implantable sensing devices that give the possibility to perform reliable and robust continuous, in-blood, sensing of critical inflammatory markers directly from the patient’s body. We hope to develop a flexible, low-cost, miniaturized sensing platform implementing memristive nanoscale devices as intelligent minimally invasive bio-interfaces, allowing reliable, continuous and real-time monitoring of inflammatory markers.