PhD studentship in Autonomously powered solution processed electronics for the IoT

This PhD studentship aims at exploring novel self-powered energy harvesters by coupling photovoltaics with low-power consuming electronics for IoT applications. Solution processed, low-cost and flexible indoor photovoltaics will be fabricated with printing techniques from organic semiconductors. Electrical and morphology characterisation (AFM, Photoconductive AFM, Kelvin Probe, SEM, UV-Vis) of the thin films and devices will be conducted throughout the project. Self-powered lab demonstrators will be developed under collaboration with industry. The outcomes of the project will lead to journal publications, patents, and conference presentations.

We welcome applications from candidates with a background in Chemistry, Physics or Material Science. Specific areas of interest include: organic semiconductors, flexible electronics and device physics. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Julianna Panidi (