CEF PhD Students share lastest research on AI Hardware at 3-Minute PhD Pitch Competition at UKCAS2020

On the 11th of December, three PhD Students from the Centre for Electronics Frontiers (CEF) took part in the National UKCAS2020 3-Minute PhD Pitch Competition.

The highly competitive contest was part of the UK Circuits and Systems Workshop and was sponsored by eFurtures and IEEE CASS. The competition pitted PhD Students against each other to pitch their PhD idea, discussing the motivation, scientific challenges and their own research, all in under three minutes. Jiaqi Wang, Yihan Pan and Christos Giotis took on the challenge from CEF.

It has been really a great experience to participate in the 3-minite PhD competition. It provides me the opportunity to express my work to people from both industry and academia and also to hear from others’ exciting talks. By attending the workshop, my communication skills get trained and I enjoyed the discussions on AI at edge. Many thanks to UKCAS2020 for holding this amazing event and I am looking forward to join the exciting workshop again for the next year!

Yihan Pan

Christos Giotis scoped a runner up prize of Β£100 cash at the UKCAS2020 3-Minute PhD Pitch Competition.

The theme of the competition was AI at the Edge, perfect for Christos’ work on the physical properties of memristive devices and developing novel applications for emulating synaptic memory consolidation.

I’m extremely happy to have participated in the UKCAS2020 3-Minute PhD Pitch competition! The process of sharing your research is tricky but very rewarding and getting recognised for it is truly gratifying. Thanks to everyone involved. Spread out science it’s fun

Christos Giotis

Well done to everyone who took part.

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